Compliant and accurate

We provide pre- and post-air reports, historical metadata accounting, content tracking, and audience measurement across OTT, helping you to quantify and account for your programming assets across a wide array of platforms.

Fully managed and easy to use

Our easy, three-step, one-to-one program matching service alleviates the burden of compliance and intellectual property issues so you can focus on your core business. We bring calm logic and solid proof to your residual and royalty disbursement challenges, and a solid safeguard against intellectual property abuse.

Data to inform research and ad sales

Our TV Analytics Metadata will also feed your programmatic ad sales, giving you a wealth of data to mine for performance measurement and other research-oriented offerings. With well over ten million titles and linear schedule data dating back to 2008 in our asset database, our customers benefit from more than ten years of detailed TV intelligence.

TV Analytics Metadata: Facts and Figures

  • 14,000+ worldwide TV channels
  • 200+ streaming/OTT/VOD sources
  • Across 25 countries and more than 25 languages
  • 300+ expert TV metadata editors


Meticulous data ensures you fulfil every detail of every contract you ever have to work with.


Working across a wide array of platforms, our fully-managed analytics service removes most of the legwork for you.


A wealth of data and reference points to feed your programmatic ad sales and detailed performance research.