Red Bee Media Managed OTT services are a media grade, end-to-end, set of OTT services for content owners that wants to bring their content directly to consumers within a short time-to-market window. You can pick and choose the exact set of capabilities to address your viewers’ changing needs or quickly launch a turnkey solution when time-to-market is key to your success.

The services’ open interfaces integrate seamlessly with your existing systems as well as those of any third-party service providers. We offer OTT Services on a pay-as-you-grow basis, enabling you to reduce operational expenditure on technology, and cut out capital investment in OTT altogether.

Managed Live Pay-Per-View

Bring your premium event online to a paying consumer base with a direct to consumer service up and running in a couple of minutes. Promote your event and service using discount and access codes, create affiliate programs and easy migration of an existing consumer base. We offer 24/7 support to ensure secure delivery of the live event and we protect your event from piracy using device-native digital rights management and copy protection. Understand the audience of your event with our real-time consumer insights including machine learning based quality of experience metrics. After the event immediate VOD replays (catch-up) are made available that you can bundle in a subscription or membership programs.

Managed Live Free-For-All

Bring your event to a larger audience by removing the pay-wall and build your business on an ad-funded model. Supporting programmatic ad or direct sales and integration-ready with major ad supply chains. Server-side ad insertion to provide the most transient and non-uninterruptible user experience. After the event you can bundle the VOD replays in ad-free subscription bundles for long-tail monetisation.

Managed Addressable TV

Bring your TV bundle subscriptions online and offer a personalized experience. Having access to the Red Bee Media Channel Store you are up and running within a couple of days, and you can create personal skinny bundles from virtual and linear thematic TV channels or hyper-personal TV channels tailor-made for each viewer. Open interfaces enable integration with in-house billing systems and a player library for in-house developed front-end and applications. Thanks to a standardized ingest of EPG and metadata your consumers will never miss a program. Start-over and catch-up services give you the ability to offer skinny subscription bundles from the catch-up catalogue.

Managed SVOD

Bring your premium on-demand content online and monetize your content with subscription or rental models. Advanced product catalog administration to create subscription bundles and rental products. Make sure your consumers can watch your content anytime and anywhere with download to go and offline viewing. Our Hollywood-approved content protection meet the highest security standards to keep your content safe. Support for multi-audio and subtitles enables reaching out to a global market. We provide you with real-time consumer insights, i.e. churn prediction models.

Future-proof Platform

The platform is constantly evolving – new features and improvements are released to the platform several times per week. A true agile methodology is feeding customer and product innovations directly into the platform every day to help tailor and grow the Service, thanks to our unique and proven continuous deployment process. Our cloud-based micro service architecture is built on best-of-breed components and an architecture and infrastructure that scales with the size of your business.

Our Modules


With Managed OTT Live Transcoding you can make sure that your linear channels will be delivered to the OTT platform of your choice in a secure and reliable manner. The additional live content re-purposing features allow you to monetize that content with catch-up TV or highlight editing.


To be able to securely store your media content, you need an OTT Origin service. Delivered as a managed Service – our OTT Origin Service allows you to pay only for the capacity you need, when you need it, without any hardware investments.


With the Managed OTT Subscriber Management module, you can create various promotions and package services in the way your viewers want to see them. The analytics and reporting layer provides you with the insights you need to support your content and monetisation decisions.


The Channel Store, part of the Managed OTT Content Supply Services, provides you with reliable access to more than 250 channels to play out on your OTT platform. Technology integration with the platforms of major content providers increases your power to expand your OTT content capabilities.

Facts and Figures

  • Over 250 OTT channels transcoded live for the platforms of Red Bee Media broadcast customers.
  • More than 115 OTT channels streamed from Red Bee Media Managed OTT service.
  • More than 20 000 hours of live programming played in the managed service every week.
  • More than 210 000 VOD assets uploaded to the managed service.
  • More than 1,7 million active subscribers using the managed service every month.