Red Bee Media’s technology addresses your needs

Red Bee Media Managed OTT Services are a media grade, end-to-end, set of OTT services that allow you to deliver and monetize high-quality TV and video content to mobile devices in a secure and scalable manner. You can pick and choose the exact set of capabilities you require to address your viewers’ changing needs, and launch new business models in response. The services’ open interfaces integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, as well as those of any third-party service providers.

Everything under one roof

OTT services encompass all the components and features needed to launch OTT services. Ranging from Managed OTT platform, which includes media ingest and metadata management, to Managed OTT Live Transcoding, which includes EPG management and content repurposing features, as well as to Managed OTT Subscriber Management and Content Supply. You won’t need to go elsewhere to meet your online video needs. Everything is managed by Red Bee Media – with our technology under the canopy of your own brand, in one seamless operation.

Modular and cost-efficient

OTT services are built as standalone but integrated modules that provide you with the flexibility to choose only those technology components you need to support your business, when you need them. We offer OTT Services on a pay-as-you-grow basis, enabling you to reduce operational expenditure on technology, and cut out capital investment in OTT altogether.

Flexible monetization options

To support your preferred business model, OTT services include features that create various monetization opportunities. Whether you want to launch a linear ad-funded channel, or the full range of VoD services, including SVoD, TVoD and AVoD, and PPV, you don’t need to shop around for bolt-on solutions.

OTT Services: Facts and Figures

  • Over 230 OTT channels transcoded live for the platforms of Red Bee Media broadcast customers
  • More than 115 OTT channels streamed from Red Bee Media managed OTT platform
  • More than 20,000 hours of live programming played in the managed OTT platform every week
  • More than 210,000 VOD assets uploaded in the managed OTT platform
  • More than 1,7 million subscribers using the OTT platform every month

Managed OTT Platform

Our Managed OTT Platform provides you with the core technology you need to deliver the full range of VoD services, including media ingest and asset management, metadata management and device client.

Managed OTT Live Transcoding

With Managed OTT Live Transcoding you can make sure that your linear channels will be delivered to the OTT platform of your choice in a secure and reliable manner. The additional live content repurposing features can allow you to monetize that content with catch-up TV or highlight clipping.

Managed OTT Origin Service

To be able to securely store your media content, you need an OTT Origin service. Delivered as a managed service, our OTT Origin Service allows you to pay only for the capacity you need, when you need it, without any hardware investments.

Managed OTT Subscriber Management

With the Managed OTT Subscriber Management module, you can create various promotions and package services in the way your viewers want to see them. The analytics and reporting layer provides you with the insights you need to support your content and monetization decisions.

Managed OTT Content Supply

Our Channel Store, part of the Managed OTT Content Supply Services, provides you with reliable access to more than 250 channels to play out on your OTT platform. Technology integration with the platforms of major content providers increases your power to expand your OTT content capabilities.