Flawless content

Full media preparation delivering the perfect viewing experience.


Right every time

Management & control of the entire viewing lifecycle, real-time analytics.


Explore new markets

Monetization options to match your business model.


Connect to your audience

Enable viewers to find and watch your content on any device, anywhere.

Bringing audiences and content closer together

We bring audiences and content closer together. With Red Bee Media’s modular end-to-end Managed OTT service, you can quickly launch direct to consumers enabling high quality video to reach your audience on their chosen device, anywhere, anytime.

Our solution supports premium live events, linear channels, catch-up and video on-demand with the full range of monetization options and in-depth audience insights. Building on our playout heritage our powerful OTT platform includes the comprehensive feature set that you would expect from a tier one provider, with the ability to launch new services in minutes. You can experiment, adapt and grow, ‘pop-up’ services and develop a sustainable customer base.

Launching, growing and sustaining a Direct-to-Consumer offering just became a lot easier. We’re ready when you are.


Go to market fast, try new ideas. Concept to market in minutes. Pop up a branded channel, stream a live event, test a new greenfield market or try out new monetization models.


Explore new markets with limited financial risk. Straightforward pay-as-you-grow pricing, “fair billing” where you pay per active user, or a revenue share model for full flexibility.


Never miss an event. Total scalability so your viewers get to watch the big event, whenever and wherever it happens.


Making you smarter. Immediate market feedback with audience insights and analytics. Real-time dashboards putting you in touch with your audience reaction, and what they are watching.


Follow your audience, wherever it goes. Micro-services architecture and continuous development ensures the service evolves as rapidly as the market.


We protect your brand, viewers and content. We operate to the highest security standards, using the latest technologies to ensure your content and reputation is safe.



Great looking content from any format to any device. We transcode, package and protect your media, dynamically insert/replace ads and convert subtitles, ensuring your content is perfect every time.


Maximise your Investment. Design and brand your pop-up storefront. Take full control of how to showcase your content and maximize revenue by enabling a rich content discovery experience.

Product & regional offerings. Tailor and segment your product offerings to fit different geographical or greenfield markets. With our user management and entitlement viewers will only see the content they’re meant to see.

Take care of your customers. Manage your relationship with your audience. Handle purchases and understand the quality of service your audience is experiencing.

Gain Immediate Feedback. Combining real-time playback analytics with business intelligence to give you up-to-the-minute insight into audience behaviour.


Explore New Business Models. Whether subscription, pay-per-view, ad-funded, or free, launch new services and try new business models. We’ll provide everything you need to manage your subscribers and maximize your content investments, with analytics to understand churn, trends and market penetration.


UX first. Your branding fronting a customer-centric user experience. Content looks great, feels personalized, and rich functionality enables your audience find the content they want, on demand.

Branded Store. Launch your branded online video pop-up store with our ‘white label’ applications for web, mobile, tablet and big screen.

Tailored Store. Sustain and continue to build on your customer base by creating tailored end-user applications and experiences utilising our powerful SDK & APIs.


More than just Software as a Service, we are focused on ensuring a great viewer experience. We monitor 24/7, with eyes on screen supported by a dedicated team of engineers.


  • Over 250 OTT channels transcoded live for the platforms of Red Bee Media broadcast customers.
  • More than 115 OTT channels streamed from Red Bee Media Managed OTT service.
  • More than 20 000 hours of live programming played in the managed service every week.
  • More than 210 000 VOD assets uploaded to the managed service.
  • More than 1,7 million active subscribers using the managed service every month