A fully outsourced end-to-end service

Linear television still dominates the market, and our Playout services will make sure your content reaches the audience exactly as scheduled. We offer end-to-end, fully outsourced linear playout services for all channel types — ranging from “thematic” or pre-recorded content channels through to highly complex “dynamic” channels featuring live events, regional variations, high resilience requirements and advanced on-screen graphics. We can even help content owners and creators springboard from IP streaming into success on linear platforms.

Globally scalable

Leverage Red Bee Media’s heavy infrastructure investment, with standardised delivery and streamlined workflow tools across our globally networked international operating hubs. Our portfolio is globally consistent, so you can scale up and commission new services with unparalleled speed as soon as the need arises.

Playout: Facts and Figures

  • Deliver over 500 linear channels worldwide— we serve some of the largest and most complex broadcasters in the world
  • Delivered Europe’s first UHD channel
  • Operate six dedicated delivery hubs complemented by cloud-based capabilities

Dynamic Playout

For highly complex channels, which feature dynamic live events and include last-minute content and commercials. Also suitable for regionalized channels.

Thematic Playout

For channels with very limited live content – or none at all. The service is modular, allowing you to build the perfect Playout package. Our rate-carded menu of options includes a wide range of add-ons to meet the specific needs of your channel.


Upload and schedule loops of pre-recorded content via a user-friendly web-based interface. Schedule temporary content for transmission during unexpected downtime. A user-operated service, hosted by Red Bee Media.