Fill the unforgiving minute

Whether you want to schedule temporary content for transmission during unexpected downtime, or simply to broadcast promotional content, Sequence Playout will help you fill every minute with value. Upload and schedule loops of pre-recorded content via a user-friendly web-based interface and sit back and trust this fully-hosted solution, using software that is continually managed and updated by Red Bee Media’s experts.

Complex technology, easy operation

Sequence Playout’s easy user interface belies its complex technology. The service is securely rooted in the safe confines of our cutting edge robust Playout data center. Our engineering teams closely monitor both the main Playout device and the back-up, making sure that everything plays out according to schedule, every time.

From Barker Channels to Disaster Recovery

Both Barker channels and Disaster Recovery content perform a basic and, sometimes, temporary task. Both are a crucial part of the broadcasting portfolio, with Barker channels driving viewers to pay for premium content, and Disaster Recovery content reducing churn that can result from downtime. They demand precise, proportionate treatment. Sequence Playout is uniquely tailored to meet these demands in an exacting and expert manner.

Sequence Playout: Facts and Figures

  • The only service of its kind in the world
  • We deploy four channels from our hub in France


Sequence Playout is the only service of its kind in the world. We recognised the need for a tailored response to the need for temporary scheduled content, without forcing broadcasters to pay for an ‘over-spec’.


We built Sequence Playout from the perfect combination of open source technology and our own impressive experience in hosted solutions. The result is a highly cost-effective service that meets a crucial niche requirement, which was previously ignored.


It’s easy to upload your content to Sequence Playout. The service accepts a variety of input file formats and you can upload from anywhere in the world, via the sleek web service interface.