With so much amazing content to enjoy, audiences and fans worldwide are now more demanding than ever. They want to feed their passion and enjoy an enriched and personalized viewing experience with user ratings, trending data and popularity lists.

Red Bee Discover and IMDb give your customers instant access to the world’s most popular and authoritative information source on movies, TV shows and celebrities.

Harnessing the global power of IMDb.

Why choose IMDb ratings and trending data? Because, quite simply, it’s the most popular and authoritative source of all information related to movie, TV and celebrity content.

At Red Bee, we are aware that finding content across multiple TV platforms and devices continues to be a major challenge for consumers and for the industry to resolve. By integrating influential, globally representative data sets like IMDb ratings and trending data into our ecosystem, we can drive greater accuracy in our recommendation and discovery services for your viewers, which in turn will drive greater consumer satisfaction for your brand.

Making content even more awesome

Red Bee’s expert and highly trained teams of editorial specialists aggregate, create, normalize, maintain and deliver rich metadata, maintaining more than 14,000 sources globally.

This metadata significantly improves your audience’s experience and increases the power and credibility of search and recommendations by adding greater depth to the available data.

With Red Bee Discover, you gain access to IMDb’s ratings and rankings of millions of movies and TV series enriching your audience’s experience and easing their search for quality content. To get started using IMDb ratings and rankings quickly, get access to our rich database with the IMDb metadata incorporated, or take advantage of our direct IMDb API.

  • The world’s biggest online database for movies and television
  • 6.5+ million titles
  • Drives users to purchase and subscribe to content
  • Strengthens the value of your brand and service
  • Makes it easier to find and choose content
  • Share popularity awareness
  • Influence consumer viewing

Adding value to the viewing experience

  • Easier for your consumers to discover and choose what they
    want to watch
  • IMDb ratings influence their viewing decisions
  • A proven driver for consumers to purchase and subscribe to content
  • 10-star rating system delivers the highest popularity and recommendations accuracy
  • Boosts the value of your service by offering subscribers total access to content popularity