Great content wows your audience — but only if they can find it.

This is where Red Bee Discover comes in, we help your audience navigate your content in the search for amazing viewing experiences, increasing user satisfaction along the way and leaving them wanting more.

Red Bee Discover offers the most effective way to improve your audience’s user experience by adding rich information, dynamic images, compelling synopses, and relevant video content to your service. The result? Your audience not only find what they are looking for, but they enjoy the journey of discovering their new favorites.

How metadata brings your content to life

Metadata is at the heart of creating targeted content recommendations. By cataloging linear schedules, digital listings, synopses, titles, and a multitude of other data points we bring structure to enrich your content to its fullest potential.

Red Bee Discover provides customers with access to a universe of rich data sets for linear and non-linear (VOD) content to power basic and next generation user interfaces, program guides and websites.

All our services are available stand-alone or as part of a managed service solution, with the possibility to modify the scope of service as you develop your business.



How your audience benefits

  • Accurate and always up to date
  • Localized and multilingual
  • Rich and informative
  • Seamless across all screens and devices

The essentials

  • Database of more than 10 million video, audio and image assets covering 90%+ of all linear and non-linear programming
  • More than 10,000 streaming/OTT/VOD/Linear sources globally
  • Hundreds of editorial and metadata experts at your service
  • Platform capabilities to deliver in over 25 languages


  • Multi-platform integration capability
  • A global dataset for one-stop convenience
  • Support for multi-region operations
  • No need to deal with multiple data vendors or service providers
  • High quality standards, with text and visuals applied with sensitivity and cultural awareness