During the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Red Bee Media provided live captioning, live sign language translation, and audio description, making Channel 4 the first ever in the world to deliver a completely accessible Paralympic Games. Red Bee Media was the exclusive provider of access services for Channel 4 Paralympics.

For Red Bee this meant to invest in new technology and training people to acquire new skills, with no room for error on a live event, Red Bee Media assembled a team that was up to the challenge and delivered an extraordinary groundbreaking performance.




Completely accessible live Paralympic games 

  • Make the Paralympic Games completely accessible.
  • Include live captioning, live signing and live audio description.
  • Use deaf translators for the job instead of hearing interpreters.
  • Because it was live, it was imperative that we were accurate the first time.



New technology training & preparation

  • Pulling in new technology and talent from across the globe.
  • Training, preparation, research and rehearsals pre-games to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Dedicated staff of expert signers, audio describers and deaf translators.



The first even totally accessible Paralympics

  • C4 was the first in the world to deliver a totally accessible Paralympic Games.
  • 933 hours 35 minutes live captioning across Channel 4, More4 and 10 online streams.
  • 20 hours Audio Description and 20 hours British Sign Language on 4seven.