AI and ML are much more than trending buzz words. When innovating in Red Bee, we use the latest technology together with our people’s expertise to make exciting products, like ARC (Automatic Remote Captioning), that helps the media industry to extend the reach of what they do.

So we set ourselves a challenge: “Could we use machine learning technology, artificial speech recognition being one example of that, to drive a low-cost, high-quality captioning solution that could be giving us accessibility in more places than ever before?”

The objective was: Increase the quality, decrease the cost, increase the accessibility. The key thing was putting people and audiences at the heart of what we did and last year we launched successfully ARC for our first customer in the US.

So the next time you see closed captions on the screen, those words at the bottom of the screen to help the deaf and hard of hearing, have a think about how they’re produced, and remember, ultimately, it’s all about reach.