Make your content accessible to everyone with ARC – quality results at less than half the price of human captioning

ARC by Red Bee Access is a market-leading automatic live captioning system that uses our automation expertise and experience as a major global access services provider to meet the widest possible range of accessibility requirements for broadcasters. ARC delivers greater accuracy than any competing systems on the market and at a much lower cost than traditional human live captioning, providing high quality automatic live captions in English or Spanish at the push of a button.

Thanks to a 98%+ accuracy rating, comparable to human captioning, ARC provides an exceptional service at an exceptional value, with a variety of flexible pricing options, depending on your needs.

You can easily Book a Demo by filling in the form on this page and take advantage of a 1-month Free Trial (available in the US only).


Our latest customer, Pennsylvania-based television station PBS39 (WLVT), has recently adopted ARC to activate top quality automatic captions for planned and emergency live content at the press of a button. Thanks to ARC, they can now take advantage of easy access to high quality captions for their live content. After previously having to spend time sourcing expensive human captioning services at short notice for unplanned live content, the move to ARC has made their captioning workflows easier and cheaper. This is what they say about ARC: 


“Our team loves having the freedom to be able to activate closed captioning easily for our live broadcasts whenever we need it. With a growing vocabulary that is adapted to our preferences and needs, the ARC solution delivers near perfect accuracy and thanks to Red Bee we now have an easy and cost-effective way of making our content more accessible to our audiences. We’re very satisfied.”

Andrea Cummis Chief Technology Officer, PBS39