Aggregation of High-Quality IPTV Bundles with Live and On-Demand Content for Iceland Subscribers 

Síminn is the main telecommunications company in Iceland. They provide telephone, mobile and data transmission solutions for companies and for individuals. They also have an IPTV subscription service, including live and on-demand content.

"With Red Bee, we get easy access to a huge choice of channels, which enables us to offer high-quality entertainment packages to our subscribers. No other aggregation solution we looked at could offer this level of flexibility, and we can easily add or remove channels to keep up with customer demand.”

Sveinbjörn Bjarki Jónsson Department Manager, Síminn IPTV

The Challenge

Offering high-quality entertainment packages to their subscribers

  • The platform should have the ability to create multiple entertainment packages based on the customers’ demands.
  • The service should be agile and adaptable to reduce cord-cutting and expand the customer base.
  • The packages should include both live and on-demand content.

The Solution

Red Bee’s Channel Store 

  • Red Bee Media has connected Síminn to its Channel Store and is delivering channel aggregation.
  • Channel Store is a flexible solution with easy access to a huge choice of channels to easily add or remove them, in order to keep up with customers’ demands.