Red Bee Media is now delivering channel aggregation services to Vodafone Iceland, with the telco accessing live signals for its subscription broadcast packages through Red Bee’s Channels Store. At request from Vodafone Iceland, Red Bee has also deployed a dedicated Point of Presence (POP) in order to deliver channels from Faroe Islands to Iceland. With 1200 active channels and a catalogue of 10 000 global sources, Red Bee Connect is currently connecting over a 100 signal suppliers and distributors globally.



"Signing up to Red Bee’s Channel Store has given us access to a smart and simple channel aggregation solution, enabling us to update the content in our broadcast packages easily, whenever we need to. Red Bee also showed added flexibility in setting up an additional Point of Presence for us to be able to deliver live television signals from Faroe Islands to our subscribers in Iceland.”

Þorsteinn Gunnlaugsson, Manager Broadcast Services, Vodafone Iceland

"With the Channel Store, we have created one of the most comprehensive and flexible channel aggregation services in the world, and we are seeing a constantly increasing interest from telcos, streaming services and broadcasters all over the world. Customers like Vodafone Iceland are now simplifying their aggregation process and can choose from tens of thousands of sources to create dedicated channel packages for their customers.”

David van Kemenade, Product Manager Distribution Services, Red Bee

Red Bee Connect is a signal aggregation and distribution platform where live content is easily aggregated from multiple sources over Red Bee’s global network. It includes internal and external playout sources, fixed-line fiber connections, web streams, secure internet delivery and satellite down-link through Red Bee’s own teleport facilities.


About Vodafone Iceland

Vodafone Iceland is a leading telecommunications and media company that offers all the core aspects of telecommunications and smart media solutions on the Icelandic market. Vodafone Iceland holds a strong local position both on the corporate and the consumer market and with its open innovation strategy, leads the way towards implementation of new and innovative services on the Icelandic market. Vodafone Iceland (Sýn hf.) has been listed on the Icelandic stock exchange, Nasdaq Iceland, since 2012.

About Red Bee

Red Bee Media is the leading global media services partner for innovation and growth. Every day, millions of people across the globe discover, enjoy and engage with content prepared, managed, broadcast and streamed using Red Bee’s services. The company empowers some of the world’s strongest media brands, broadcasters and content owners to instantly connect with audiences anywhere at any time. Headquartered in London, with 2300 media experts in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America, Red Bee provides innovative solutions across the entire content delivery chain including Playout, OTT, Distribution, MCR, Media Management, Access Services, Content Discovery, and Post-Production. 



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