The Automotive Campus in Helmond was dominated by the launch of KPN’s automotive 5G Field Lab on November 13th, 2018. During the day, the possibilities of connected and automated driving were tested, including a Virtual Reality demonstration facilitated by Red Bee Media, with a focus on keeping latency as low as possible.

5G networks have the ability to transform communications for automotive purposes in a wide variety of ways, with many of these tested in KPN’s 5G Field Lab on November 13th. The tests involved, among other things, real-time communication between vehicles and their environment, including traffic lights with the purpose of preventing unnecessary stops in order to decrease emissions, delays and fuel costs.

In addition, a Virtual Reality (VR) demonstration was performed with a Tesla on which the windshield of the car was blinded, creating a situation where the driver had to rely on images displayed through virtual reality glasses. The demonstration showed the efficiency of video streaming with ultra-low latency through 5G networks, with the driver receiving a video feed in near real-time.

Red Bee Media staff facilitated the VR demonstration through installing and operating the on-board cameras and microphones placed on the Tesla. The equipment, which is normally used for remote production purposes, were connected wirelessly through the 5G network and ultimately helped the driver, navigate safely on a marked course.

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