Red Bee Media provided OTT services for rights owner Spring Media in order to create subscription-based online access to live and pre-recorded content from Sweden International Horse Show – 29/11 to 2/12 2018. With Red Bee Media’s white label solution, Spring Media was able to create a branded subscription service with two different pricing options – reaching a worldwide niche audience. The partnership between Red Bee Media and Spring Media is based on a Pay-As-You-Grow pricing model, reducing Spring Media’s entry costs in this market segment.

Spring Media owns the content rights to many sports related events globally, including Sweden International Horse Show. In addition to distribution deals with broadcasters Spring Media wanted the option to reach equestrian sports fans all over the world directly. With the help of Red Bee Media, Spring Media quickly created a subscription-based live and video-on-demand service where a worldwide audience could gain access to live and pre-recorded content during the show.

Red Bee Media Delivers Live SVOD to Worldwide Audience During Sweden International Horse Show

“With Red Bee Media’s solution we easily created our own branded service, designing the website and apps the way we wanted, and got started in a matter of minutes. This meant we could reach our global audiences and capitalize directly on our own content in markets where we don’t have rights deals in place. Creating OTT direct-to-consumer channels like this is an important part of the Spring Media strategy and service offering and Red Bee Media is providing the tools for us to do this in a simple, fast and qualitative way.”, says Torsten Billing, Partner at Spring Media.

The Red Bee Media OTT offering is provided either as managed services delivered to larger broadcasters and content owners, or through a Pay-As-You-Grow model for smaller customers with niche content.

“We are very happy that Spring Media chose our solution and is a great example of how the Red Bee Media OTT offering can be used to provide content to niche audiences. Anyone, no matter the content type or audience size, can be onboarded fast and gain access to our self-service environment, with no start-up fees and a billing policy based on the revenue made from subscribers. We also provide a solution to challenges related to location-based rights restrictions – making it possible to reach audiences anywhere across the globe.”, says Anders Wassén, Head of Development, Red Bee Media OTT.

The Red Bee Media OTT offering is built on a cloud-based micro service architecture and a true agile methodology is feeding customer and product innovations directly into the platform every day, to help tailor and grow the service, thanks to a unique and proven continuous deployment process.

Sweden International Horse Show took place 29 November – 2 December 2018 at Friends Arena in Stockholm. During the show subscribers on could gain access to live and pre-recorded content, either through a day-pass for 89 SEK (9 EURO) or a full access pass for 259 SEK (25 EURO).

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