During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Red Bee Media is providing Dutch National Broadcasters NPO and NOS with full Ultra High Definition (UHD) footage of all the matches – giving Dutch viewers the option to watch international football in the best resolution available in the world. The broadcasts will also include images in High Dynamic Range (HDR), creating an even more vivid viewing experience. In addition, Red Bee Media is distributing the UHD specific channel NPO 1 UHD through multiple distribution networks via satellite, fiber, cable and IPTV. It combines the native UHD footage with upconverted content, creating a seamless UHD experience of the world cup. As a part of R&D, the signal is also sent via the Red Bee Media OTT platform for live transcoding during the world cup. 

The Netherlands is one out of fifteen countries in the world where viewers of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will be able to see all matches in UHD resolution enriched with HDR.

"We are at the beginning of the UHD and HDR revolution and it is an exciting opportunity to be able to work with the latest technology in relation to one of the biggest live television events in the world. By enriching the native UHD footage with live Dutch commentary and upconverted HD content, we are ensuring a seamless viewer experience and a world class sports broadcast for Dutch viewers. This is made possible with our state of the art facilities and a great collaboration with NPO and NOS”

Josbert van Rooijen Managing Director, Red Bee Media Netherlands

The UHD signal from Russia is received in the Red Bee Media facility in Hilversum, Netherlands, where it is decoded and distributed to the viewers of NPO 1 UHD, through the Red Bee Media Channel Store – one of the world’s fastest growing repositories of linear television and radios services. The Channel Store includes over 10 000 channels from over 100 suppliers from around the globe and can connect viewers with linear content anywhere in the world.

"The Red Bee Media Channel Store is a global nexus for providing the world with enriched audio and video content. We are proud to say that we can connect any content provider with any audience all over the world, no matter the format”

 Kristian Langbridge Head of Distribution & Transformation, Red Bee Media

In addition to the cooperation with NPO and NOS, Red Bee Media is taking the opportunity to further explore the possibilities with UHD and HDR content. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup the company is sending the native UHD signals through their OTT platform as a part of R&D to test UHD transcoding and packaging – ensuring that the Red Bee Media OTT platform is fully UHD and HDR ready.

Potentially hundreds of thousands of Dutch viewers will be able to view the FIFA World Cup in UHD with HDR. To do so they will have to have a UHD and HDR ready television set and access to NPO 1 UHD through the operator networks of KPN, Jonaz, Trined, Plinq and M7.

"With the experience of launching Europe’s first UHDTV channel for BT Sports in 2015, we now continue to evolve and develop our competence in the field and we are proud to be a part of delivering a world class sporting events in the best possible image quality”

Dave Travis Chief Service Portfolio Officer – Video Services, Red Bee Media

Statement from the Dutch National Broadcasters:

NPO and NOS are broadcasting the World Cup in Ultra High Definition in a unique experiment. The matches will be broadcasted live in UHD which delivers better images than HD and 4K thanks to higher contrast and richer colors. NPO and NOS, now that technology has become sufficiently mature in terms of specifications and standards, want to lead the way as public broadcasters in terms of innovation and find out what it takes to get the latest generation of television to people’s homes.



  • Red Bee Media is responsible for the contribution of the international UHD feed from Russia to the Dutch National Broadcasters, NOS and NPO
  • Red Bee Media will generate a full UHD TX signal by seamlessly integrating an upconverted NPO 1 HD TX line into UHD, adding the native UHD match feed in sync with the NOS sports production studio and the live Dutch commentary from the NOS
  • Red Bee Media is Distributing NPO 1 UHD through the Red Bee Media Channel Store to participating distributors (KPN, Jonaz, Trined, Plinqand M7)
  • Red Bee Media is innovating with the National Broadcasters by supporting Ultra High Definition (UHD) according the DVB UHD-1 Phase 2 4K specification, High Dynamic Range (HDR) using Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and wide color gamut according to BT2020.
  • Red Bee Media is testing and verifying UHD and HDR transcoding and packaging, as a part of R&D efforts to create the next generation OTT as a service platform

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