Dutch broadcaster Talpa TV (former SBS) is renewing its relationship with Red Bee Media, in a 3-year contract for Global Master Control Room (MCR) services. Red Bee Media will continue to manage the live broadcasts of international news and sports for Talpa TV, including the Champions League. In addition, Talpa TV will benefit from Red Bee Medias ongoing innovation efforts including their latest investments in UHD/HDR capabilities.

We have relied on Red Bee Media’s MCR services for 23 years in a row, with a devoted team assisting us around the clock, year-round. We feel confident that they will continue to deliver in the coming three years and manage our live content to our playout and studios in Amsterdam with dedication and professionalism“, says Maikel Bekker, Manager Operations & Support at Talpa TV.

With their Global MCR services based in Hilversum, Netherlands, Red Bee Media is ensuring access to the world’s top content providers – with 40 000 hours of live TV every year and over 500 downlink requests per month. The services are managed non-stop, 365 days a year.

It goes without saying that we are very proud to renew this contract again for the coming three years. The renewed confidence is a confirmation that our dedicated Global MCR staff are delivering the highest quality services available“, says Leonard Ariëns, Sales Director, Red Bee Media Netherlands.

During the three-year contract Talpa TV will continue to benefit from Red Bee Media innovation efforts, including access to Red Bee Media’s UHD/HDR capabilities, which have been tried and tested successfully during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


  • 3 Year contract renewal for Global MCR and managed broadcast services for international news, sports (incl. Champions League) and other studio events – 24/7, year round
  • Management of live contribution via globally connected fixed lines, affiliate POPS and the Red Bee Media teleport – includes UHD/HDR contribution services
  • Red Bee Media Global MCR manages over 40,000 hours of live TV every year and over 500 downlink requests per month.

For more information please contact

Jesper Wendel, Head of Communications, Red Bee Media


+33(0)786 63 19 21

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