Red Bee Media will be showcasing Live Automatic Captioning in real time at NAB Show 2019. Using leading Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology by Speechmatics, the 24-hour online news stream from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) will be captioned live on the Red Bee Media stand. The solution is part of a three-month trial with the ABC exploring a new cost-effective way of making digital news content more accessible to their viewers. Red Bee Media, Speechmatics and the ABC will introduce the solution during a networking event on stand SU1620, Tuesday April 9th, 16:30 (Pacific Time) at NAB.

The Red Bee Media Subito Platform

Red Bee Media is using its Subito platform together with ASR technology from Speechmatics, to introduce the media industry’s most accurate Live Automated Captioning services. The ABC is using the solution to explore possibilities in making online news content more accessible during a service simulation over three months, which will be showcased live in real time on the Red Bee Media stand at NAB.

“We are excited to be showcasing our solution in real time to the media industry at NAB, especially with live streamed news content from a high-profile customer such as the ABC”, says Tom Wootton, Head of Product Access Services, Red Bee Media. ”Working with Speechmatics, we have created a standard setting service that makes live automatic captioning more accurate and cost-effective and ultimately making more content accessible.”

“The solution from Red Bee Media provides the ABC with a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of ASR in the live broadcast caption workflow. Our goal is to expand the audience for our 24-hour news services, and early signs are that the accuracy and speed of the service will potentially help us meet this goal in a more cost-effective way”, says Roger Dunkerley, Manager TV Systems, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Red Bee Media is constantly evaluating the best ASR solutions on the market and Speechmatics delivers the most accurate and advanced technology on the market.

“Red Bee Media is one of our most innovative partners and challenges us to continually develop our offering to ensure their customers always have the best technology available. We are proud to be able to show the full strength of our ASR technology with this unique, real time demonstration at NAB, together with content from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation”, says Ian Firth, VP Products at Speechmatics.

On April 9, 2019 Red Bee Media, Speechmatics and the ABC are inviting the media industry, journalists and analysts to an event at stand SU1620, NAB Show in Las Vegas, with an extended demonstration of the Live Automatic Captioning of ABC’s 24-Hour Online News Stream. During the event there will be drinks, networking and the possibility to ask questions.

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