Red Bee will deliver MCR services to FOX Sports in the Netherlands. With a multiyear contract in place, FOX Sports will be providing high-end international sports content to their viewers, using Red Bee’s multi-tenant IP-based Global MCR Platform in Hilversum. As part of the contribution and distribution, Red Bee will provide mobile encoding kits for 38 football stadiums, delivering signals from the Dutch premier and second tier league. Additional services include connectivity setups between BT Tower in London, the Global MCR in Hilversum and other Red Bee hubs as well as fully managed contribution services for Xee Denmark and ESPN Africa.

The multi-tenant Global MCR Platform from Red Bee includes the latest software-based solutions for video networks, routing, processing, monitoring, reporting and distribution. FOX Sports will be delivering all their high-end sports content to their audiences through this platform, with the possibility to broadcast in 1080p and High Dynamic Range (HDR) quality.

With a fully-fledged MCR service delivery, Red Bee will be adding contribution and feed aggregation from the premier football league Eredivisie and second tier league Keuken Kampioen Divisie, through mobile encoding kits from 38 stadiums across the Netherlands. The signals will be routed through the Global MCR in Hilversum and made available to the FOX Sports production and broadcast department. In addition, Red Bee will be providing fully managed contribution services for the Playout and Production facilities at XEE Denmark and ESPN Africa.

Provided with two-way fiber connectivity between BT Tower in London, the Global MCR in Hilversum and other Red Bee hubs, FOX Sports will enjoy additional flexibility for content contribution. A direct connection between Dublin and Hilversum will also be setup for ESPN Africa commentary. With the MCR Booking office available 24/7, Red Bee will provide downlink and uplink capabilities from Hilversum and Stockholm, delivering on any and all satellite requests from FOX Sports.

"We are happy to have gained the confidence from FOX Sports in the Netherlands. With our recently launched global IP-based MCR Platform in Hilversum and additional facilities in London, Paris and Stockholm, we have built a highly flexible and futureproof infrastructure than can manage all MCR, distribution and contribution needs for an evolving media and broadcast industry.”

Steve Nylund CEO, Red Bee

In the Netherlands, Fox Sports is broadcasting high-end international sports content such as Eredivisie, Keuken Kampioen Divisie, KNVB Cup, Bundesliga, Major League Soccer, NFL, MLB, NHL as well as ATP and WTA Tennis.

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Press Release Red Bee Media FOX Sports 2019 12 11 (NL)

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