Full access

Our Access Services make sure that people with hearing or sight impairments are able to get the most out of your content. We provide Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing (Closed Captions), Sign Language Translation and Audio Description to fulfil the regulatory requirements of broadcasters and content owners around the world. We cover four European languages, with a roadmap for adding further languages in the future.

Dedicated and innovative

We offer purpose-built, high-quality and innovative platforms, a wide range of voice artists, dedicated studio facilities and proven success in multinational operations. These capabilities enable your content (live and pre-recorded) to become more searchable, valuable and accessible to audiences the world over.


Fast and accurate captioning (subtitling) for live and pre-recorded content. Your captions can meet all mandates prescribed, irrespective of where on the globe your content is to be broadcast.


Improving access to video content for sight-impaired audiences, by providing a carefully crafted spoken audio commentary representing what’s on screen. For foreign language films, we also include an audio track of the captions/subtitles.

Sign Language

Accurate and engaging in-vision Sign Language Translation for live news and pre-recorded video content. Our capabilities extend to high-quality access solutions for Blu-ray, DVD and web-based content.

Governmental, Lectures and (Tele)conferences

Our Access Services extend beyond the commercial environment. Some of our clients use our subtitling/captioning service to optimise their internal communications and enhance the accessibility of legislative bodies, conferences and lectures. We also provide transcripts for teleconferences.