Leaving no-one behind

Audio Description improves access to video content for sight-impaired audiences by providing a carefully crafted spoken audio commentary representing what’s on screen. We provide Audio Description services for broadcast or OTT television, Blu-ray / DVD and films. For foreign language films, we can also include a spoken audio track of the captions/subtitles.

Scheduling assistance

As part of our offering, we can bring our expertise and knowledge of best practice to help broadcasters schedule Audio Description in the most effective manner.

An exceptional service

Meeting (or exceeding) regulations just isn’t enough. That’s why we employ a great variety of native-speaker male and female voice actors specialising in an impressive range of styles. Whatever the nature of your content, there’s always a describer on hand to provide a bespoke audio track that fits it perfectly.

Audio Description: Facts and Figures

  • Largest global supplier of Audio Description by volume
  • Meets the highest requirements for late delivery and tight deadlines; for example, a standard feature film turned around in 4–5 hours
  • Global staff of 40 AD experts
  • Presence in 7 countries (UK, US, Australia, Canada, France, Spain and the Netherlands)
  • 4 languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish)

Flexible formats

We offer Audio Description files in a wide array of formats, including multi-wav, single-wav, stereo and mono versions, ensuring seamless integration with, and adherence to, most major broadcast platforms.


With 40 experts working in four languages, across three continents and seven countries, our Audio Description offers quality and expertise that is simply unfeasible to create in-house.

Tried and tested

We are Audio Description pioneers, and have an impeccable pedigree of service provision to some of the world’s most respected broadcasters.