Local expertise from a global team

Our highly trained captioners produce fast and precise captioning (subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing) for pre-recorded linear, OTT and live content alike. As well as covering news and sports, our live captioning service covers any live event imaginable – including Facebook or YouTube Live – with accuracy levels always in excess of 98%, frequently hitting 99%. For pre-recorded content, we create the file captions in advance (with some innovative late delivery solutions if required) and deliver them to their destination securely on your behalf.

We currently work with broadcasters all over the world; we provide a secure service via our highly trained staff in 7 countries, using our dedicated facilities and unique platforms. In addition to this, we can also offer translation and localisation services in multiple languages.

Exceeding requirements

As international limits on content distribution crumble, we’ll take the worry out of navigating the global maze of access regulation. We will work with you, leveraging our local expertise, to ensure that your captions hit regulatory requirements and surpass audience expectations.

Satisfying your viewers

Your content should be the only thing that leaves your viewers on the edge of their seats. Viewer expect captions to be ready when they need them and accurate. That means captioning accuracy, availability and latency need to be world-class. Our pioneering, low-latency tools provide captions efficiently, delivering superior quality, reducing delay, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction and retention.

Advancing with technology

Red Bee Media is collaborating closely with academic and industry experts in speech technologies to ensure that we integrate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies as soon as robustness and accuracy have been proven. We are also developing ASR-based production tools to help automate alignment, character diarisation, clip extraction and metadata creation.

Automatic Real-time Captioning with ARC

Grow and engage your audience for less with ARC – Red Bee’s Automatic Real-Time Captioning solution. For broadcast, live events, and online. Accurate and affordable, Red Bee combines the very best technology with our world-leading service provision to give you the highest quality automatic live captions in the market. View the datasheet here.

Captioning: Facts and Figures

  • Over 100,000 hours of live captioning created each year
  • Over 230,000 hours of captioning delivered globally per annum
  • Captioning of five 24-hour news channels around the globe
  • Live captioning platform in use for over three years
  • Live accuracy levels consistently above the mandated 98% (UK)
  • Service consistently meeting the required 99.8% uptime requirement (UK)


We have an unparalleled track record for meeting (and exceeding) complicated broadcasting regulatory requirements including FCC, Ofcom and ACMA mandates.


Flexible commercial agreements offer on-demand access to a global network of accredited, highly experienced resources, allowing customers to leverage skills and capabilities as needed.


We’re driving innovation by using cutting-edge Automatic Speech Recognition, and developing new in-content discovery experiences and promotional opportunities using caption data and event tagging.