Red Bee Media is a global company and as such our staff include people from all corners of the world, with different languages, cultures, backgrounds and perspectives adding to the diversity of our organization. As a company we want to embrace and benefit from this diversity and create an inclusive workplace where all voices can be heard and treated equally. For this purpose, we have created The Red Bee Media Global Diversity & Inclusion Forum, which recently held its 7th meeting. The forum is chaired by our CEO Steve Nylund and include staff from all parts of our organization, spanning all markets and service areas.

Since our first meeting we have created a clear framework, purpose, objectives and focus areas to support our continual improvement and journey in embracing diversity and become as inclusive as possible. The purpose of the forum has been defined as:

  • We aim to be a diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the world we do business in and with
  • We aim to create a culture where difference is embraced and equality, diversity and inclusion are deeply coded in our values.
  • We work towards maintaining an organization where everyone is treated fairly, with equality and respect.
  • We prioritize competence and performance, value different opinions, promote healthy discussions & work as a team to ensure our core values.

Our diversity as an organization should reflect the world that we are doing business in and with, in all aspects, including (but not exclusive to) gender, generation, nationality & ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. Everyone should be treated fairly and equally and in the forum we discuss ways to achieve this, including recognizing and limiting the effects of unconscious bias as much as possible.

Within the forum we have had many eye opening, challenging and interesting discussions which have led us to take concrete actions in making our company a more inclusive place to work. Five different taskforces have been launched to tackle the issues of Recruitment, Talent Development & Retention, Zero Tolerance against Discrimination, Unconscious Bias and A Safe & Open Environment for Discussion.

By working towards greater diversity and inclusion, Red Bee Media will not only be a better place to work, but it will also increase innovation, creativity and flow of ideas, strengthen the brand and make us a better company as a whole.

Claire Allen, Head of HR, Red Bee Media