By Leckhena Kol, Production Coordinator, Red Bee Media


The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 took place in Qatar from 20th November to 18th of December 2022. For four weeks, fans lived to the rhythm of football all over the globe.

Our client, Canal+ International, decided to adapt its main show, “LES GRANDES BOUCHES” (The Big Mouths), to this special event.
Les Grandes Bouches is a live talk show debriefing all the major European football championships with interviews, summaries of the week’s top games, and graphics showing performances and results. The show is broadcasted live by Red Bee Media France employees once a week.



For the FIFA World Cup event, Canal+ had several requirements: they decided to turn this weekly show into a “Daily Special” and adapt the studio’s scenery and graphics to Qatar’s flag’s colors. The tight schedule of the TV Show and all the practical details were presented to our team only two weeks before the show’s first airing!
This program aired right after the day’s last match summarizing the key games. A team was broadcasting this live show every day in about 30 countries of the African continent. The show also presented live interviews and interactions with football players and journalists in Qatar. The Production team comprised 10 Red Bee Media technicians (light technician, make-up artist, director, cameraman, sound operator, two graphics operators, server operator, assistant, and technical supervisor.)


Since Canal+ International did not own the rights to broadcast any image of the games, we needed to adapt the show’s structure, accentuating visual information over videos.
All our services at Mediadome, Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, were involved in this project:

  • The Broadcast Support team provided all live feeds of the games to the internal TV distribution to allow journalists to watch the competition and prepare the show.
  • The post-production service team oversaw all editing of video content.
  • The control room brought a one-hour and 15 minutes daily live show to air, hosted by one Canal+ presenter and five consultants on set.

We are incredibly proud and excited to have worked on this challenging project at such a world-class event. It has shown the incredible talent and professionalism of our team, with fifteen Red Bee Media France employees having worked with the production of the Daily Special “LES GRANDES BOUCHES” TV Show daily.