Red Bee Media and Dotscreen were instrumental in the launch of TV5MONDEplus, the new global video-on-demand platform with free French speaking series, films and documentaries in full HD quality, subtitled in 5 languages. It is built on Red Bee’s OTT-platform, with secure and reliable broadcast-grade streaming, advertising options and advanced Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools, all of which was essential for this global launch. Dotscreen designed user-friendly interfaces for browsers and native apps for iOS and Android. TV5MONDEplus launched globally on September 9th, 2020, in 194 countries.

"Working with Red Bee and Dotscreen was essential for successfully launching TV5MONDEplus. With Red Bee Media’s OTT-platform, we got access to first-class streaming and broadcasting expertise, as well as crucial features such as advanced advertising tech and geo-blocking functionality. This, in combination with Dotscreen’s design expertise, allows us to offer a high-end user-experience comparable to the biggest streaming services available. We are looking forward to continuing this cooperation, developing TVMONDEplus for the benefit of global audiences.”

Hélène Zemmour Digital Director, TV5MONDE

TV5MONDEplus uses Red Bee’s end-to-end OTT solution to manage, secure and deliver high quality French speaking content to users world-wide in 8 different regions, with localized content and ad insertion. The content includes classic and modern film, TV-shows and series as well as documentaries and content for children, all delivered in French with subtitles in 5 languages.

"We are very proud and excited to have been a part of this unique launch for TV5MONDE, and it shows the strength of our OTT-platform. In collaboration with Dotscreen, we delivered a competitive global streaming service, in a very short period of time and in less than ideal circumstances due to the global pandemic. We are looking forward to see audiences grow as we introduce new features and keep developing the service.”

Steve Nylund CEO, Red Bee Media

The end-user applications were built by Dotscreen using Red Bee’s standard Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows for seamless connections with Red Bee’s services for content display, playback, entitlement, analytics, security and streaming.

"Launching TV5MONDEplus in record time is a matter of pride, especially since everyone involved were on lock-down for most of the time during this project. The combination of the robust back-end from Red Bee with our customizable front-end design, results in an end-to-end OTT solution that can be easily adapted to any national or international content provider. We will now keep expanding the service onto more devices, including smart TVs.”

Stanislas Leridon CEO, Dotscreen

TV5MONDEplus was created with the support of the governments of the five countries that initiated TV5MONDE (France, Canada, Switzerland, Wallonia-Brussels and Quebec). Its mission is to promote French-speaking content and to promote the programs of its partner channels, TV5MONDE’s own productions, as well as co-productions and programs acquired all over the world. TV5MONDEplus is currently streaming French-speaking series, films, documentaries and children’s content in 194 countries around the world.

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