Channel 4 Paralympics

“Have you thought about what it means to make something completely accesible?”

Complete Accessibility for C4 2016 Rio Paralympics

During the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Red Bee Media provided live captioning, live sign language translation, and audio description, making C4 the first ever in the world to deliver a completely accessible Paralympic Games. Red Bee Media was the exclusive provider of access services for C4 Paralympics.

“We wanted to go in areas that other broadcasters can’t go. We are really proud of the fact that Channel 4 did it first and Red Bee Media helped us do that. Job well done!”

– Graham Wilkinson, Channel 4 Presentation and Content Manager

The Challenge

  • Make the Paralympic Games completely accesible
  • Include live captioning, live signing and live audio description
  • Use deaf translators for the job instead of hearing interpreters
  • Because it was live, it was imperative that we were accurate the first time

Completely accesible live Paralympic games

The Solution

  • Pulling in new technology and talent from across the globe
  • Training, preparation, research and rehearsals pre-games to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Dedicated staff of expert signers, audio describers and deaf translators

New technology training & treparation

The Result

  • C4 was the first in the world to deliver a totally accesible Paralympic Games
  • 933 hours 35 minutes live captioning across Channel 4, More4 and 10 online streams
  • 20 hours Audio Description and 20 hours British Sign Language on 4seven

The first even totally accesible Paralympics

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