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From 28th to 29th September 2022, Leaders Week London will gather over 1400 innovators, challengers and disruptors for an unrivalled series of knowledge sharing, experiential, networking and social events taking place all day, all night, all week across the city. In conjunction with this, it will also be broadcasting around the world to the 1000s tuning in to the OTT platform.

Culminating in the flagship, two day Summit at the world famous Twickenham Stadium, Leaders Week is an unmissable opportunity to connect with the very best in the industry.

Red Bee Media is a proud sponsor of Leaders Week and will be participating at The Summit, as part of the Tech and Innovation Stage, bringing to the spotlight one of our customers, SportsTribal, and their exciting journey through ad-supported sports streaming service.

Don’t miss the session ‘Riding the Next Wave of Ad-Supported Streaming Experiences’ with Joe Nilsson, Chief Commercial Officer, SportsTribal, and Juliet Gauthier, Product Manager FAST, Red bee Media.

Check the agenda below and join the conversation.

29 Sep 2022

Riding the Next Wave of Ad-Supported Streaming Experiences

  • Juliet Gauthier

    Product Manager FAST, Red Bee

  • Joe Nilsson

    Chief Commercial Oficer, SportsTribal

Riding the Next Wave of Ad-Supported Streaming Experiences

Brought to you by Red Bee Media

  • Making sense of evolving monetisation models 
  • How to provide faster, more flexible solutions 
  • Developing platforms; honing approaches; driving innovation with partners  

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