Vivid and richly-featured

Our Managed Thematic Playout service is for channels with very limited live content – or none at all. Our menu of options includes graphics, captions (subtitles), regional opts, voice-over, ad insertion, HD/SD, +1 channels, as well as live inputs and operational models to meet the specific needs of your channel.

Modular economy

Our modular approach means you can easily customize your Playout package. Our modules are clearly priced on a rate card so you know what you’re paying for. And you only pay for what you use. You’ll also be able to tap into Red Bee Media’s wider scale economies (including connectivity), and centralized platform development – shaving crucial digits off your channel’s operational expenditure.

Focus on your content

Our future-proof approach means you don’t need to risk a long-term investment in equipment and expertise that may soon become obsolete. Opting for Red Bee Media’s Managed Thematic Playout service will enable you to focus on what really matters – your content. We want you to be able to start simple, experiment, see what works, and then evolve (and grow) your channels to deliver formats your viewers want to watch. Red Bee Media’s expertise and industry reach means you can develop your channels confident that you’re working with a partner able to support you now and into the future.

Managed Thematic Playout: Facts and Figures

  • Deliver over 500 linear channels worldwide— we serve some of the largest and most complex broadcasters in the world
  • Delivered Europe’s first UHD channel
  • Operate six dedicated delivery hubs complemented by cloud-based capabilities


Trust us to be there for the long haul, responding to your channels’ changing needs without letting up on delivery for an instant. Our reputation is gold


Our size and pedigree gives us the edge on smaller, specialist Playout operators. We are continuing to invest in augmenting our premium services through future-proof solutions as well as offering complex outsourcing agreements.


We are renowned as a premium services provider, and that’s why we can confidently claim that we manage Playout better than any other operator in the world. Operating across six of Red Bee Media’s secure and resilient hubs, this diversification affords unparalleled and ample options for disaster recovery, in the unlikely event something goes wrong.